About Danny Yehia

Danny Yehia is the founder of Surface Products, a decorative glass and resin materials company that caters to North Americas most forward-thinking demographic. From curved escalators in the River Rock Hotel and Casino to a glass bridge that feels like walking on water, Danny has established himself as a glass expert contributing ideas to interior and exterior design.

Danny Yehia has worked alongside some of the world’s premiere architects, designers and developers to contribute to unique new architectural projects, quickly growing his business into a successful, multi-million dollar enterprise.

The road to success hasn’t always been easy, but Danny’s always found a way to make his clients’ visions become reality.

“My dad was tremendously helpful,” he says. “I enjoy meeting new people, building relationships, being part of a creative team to develop something new/innovative, and setting goals and exceeding them.”

Danny also enjoys every aspect of his passion and especially working with his clients, explaining, “Fulfilling their project requirements means often finding unconventional and innovative ways to do this. I ascertain my clients’ needs,do my utmost to fulfill them, and respond very quickly to all requests.”

From the beginning, Danny has built a rock-solid reputation as the go-to glass man in Vancouver. He also believes in giving back to the city he loves: “It’s a friendly, small and safe city where I have made wonderful business contacts and great personal friends. I have also volunteered in local politics, donated to multiple charities, and do random acts of kindness whenever possible.”

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