Top DIY Christmas Wreathes

Candy Cane Christmas Wreath

Candy Cane WreathCandy Canes encapsulate Christmas Cheer. What better than to bring two of Christmas’ most prominent symbols together in one package. Take the joy that candy canes bring, and bind them together in a great big ring; or more precisely: a holiday wreathe.

Option 1: Get a foam circle, get a hot glue gun, and glue on mini candy canes in a sort of collage.

Option 2: Get a sqaure plane of cheese cloth the size you imagine your wreathe to be. Next take your candy canes, and arrange them in a circle which looks pleasing to you. To secure the canes, poke a hole in the cloth, and tie them on using a bread tie or a decorative ribbon. See the picture as a reference.

DIY Clothes Pin Wreath

Clothespin Wreath, DIY Christmas DecorationsAnother impressive way to break out of the box with new decoration ideas is to look through household objects, and see how you can fit them together. An additional benefit to this design, is that you can display Christmas cards from friends out in the open, hanging from your wreathe.

Clothes pin (50-100 pack), Wire hanger, Red beads, Paint, Red ribbon.

Paint the clothes pins green. Get a wire hanger, unravel it into a circle. Alternate putting clothespins on the wire with the red beads. When you are finished and have filled up all the space, add a ribbon to pull the wreath together at the top. Tie the ribbon into a bow, and hang from your place of choice.

Now hang Christmas cards from the clothes pins!

Snowman Wreathe

Three sized wreathes. Our recommendation is 20 inch wreath, a 24 inch wreath, and a 30 inch wreath.

When you have them all together, tie the wreathes together with the smallest wreath on top, and the largest on the bottom. Now you have a series of wreathes in the shape of a snowman, ready to be decorated by children and adults alike.

Snowman Wreath, DIY Christmas Decorations

from Danny Yehia


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